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5 Tips for a Healthier Exercise Routine

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Physical movement is an essential part of our lives. Exercise keeps us active, and movement can have positive effects on our mind and body. However, when we think of exercise as a chore or as a “record and repeat” activity, we can quickly become disengaged and bored. No one wants to be bored, and everyone wants to be fit. So, how can you bypass the lack of motivation and ignite your exercise routine?

Easy, make it into a habit. (Ok, not easy, but hear us out)

1. Goals, Goals, Goals…

The path to a healthy lifestyle starts with knowledge. Knowing yourself, your motivation and your strength. It is also about evaluating your current physical conditions and limitations to avoid injuring yourself and assessing your goals as you go along.

We all have to start somewhere. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Our bodies can adapt quickly to routines, so if you stick to a plan, you can achieve your goals with some discipline and dedication.

What do you want to achieve? How much time can you spend a day? Make a plan, stick it on your wall, fridge, notebook. See it and believe it every day.

2. Have Fun

As mentioned before, no one wants to get bored, right? So with that in mind, plan an activity routine that will bring you JOY and excitement. Lower your stress levels, boost your endorphins and have fun.

We all have different likes and needs, so find your happy balance. If you enjoy music, put those tunes on while you exercise. If you like nature, go for a walk outdoors. If you are a people person, come and join us at the club! Bring a friend and have fun together while you exercise, or come alone and make some new friends at the club.

3. Repeat With Us, You Can and You Will

Every routine needs consistency to become a habit. Repeat, repeat, repeat, more than one or two weeks – say that out loud a couple of times and remember, your goals will only happen if you put the work into it.

Book or plan your workouts, and go even when you don’t feel like it. We promise you will love the feeling once you are done. YOU DID IT! One step closer to your fitness goals.

4. Be Flexible, Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Life happens, and some days you won’t be able to stay on track with your workouts. Family, work, your friend’s baby shower, things can always get in the way. Be flexible but consistent. If you miss your scheduled workout routine, plan it for a later time of the day.

Also, give yourself some space to heal. Rest in between exercise routines, or if you are feeling unwell, always listen to your body; it knows you well.

5. Reward Yourself

Celebrate your achievements; you’ve earned them! Keep track of your progress and reward yourself when achieving those milestones. Not only this will keep you accountable but also motivated. I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?

Your reward can be as small or as big as you decide them to be, but they can represent that little extra push you need to get off the sofa on a rainy day.

Need some extra help? Start your fitness journey with us

We know how hard it can be to get started. At Curves, we understand women, and with that in mind, we have an exercise routine designed with you in mind. Request your first free appointment at your nearest Curves today. Go on! We’re waiting for you!

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