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Benefits of having a workout coach

Coaches. Through the years they’ve been the inspiration for movies, songs, books and television series. They serve as mentors and motivators … counselors and confidants. But wait – do I really need a workout coach?

The answer is a resounding, YES! Here’s why:

Coaches are motivating

Workout coaches share many of the same roles as those coaches we had as kids. They are cheerleaders, motivators and instructors all at the same time. They help lift our spirits when we’re down, garner more energy when we’re tired and they aren’t afraid to let us know when our effort is less than 100 percent.

At many gyms and fitness clubs members have to pay extra – sometimes a lot extra – for a trainer. But at Curves, you’ve got a coach during your entire workout and cool down at no additional cost. A Curves coach will help you get the very most out of your 30 minutes spentcircuit training.

Coaches are teachers

Have you ever made a decision that you’re going to start a weight lifting routine, even if it kills you? But then when you try to get out of bed the next morning an emergency room visit sounds like a better idea than a shower? Yeah – that’s another great reason to have a workout coach. 

Curves coaches are not only able to instruct you on how to use the equipment, they have the added advantage of watching you as you exercise. They can see if your elbows are too high or if you’re keeping your core straight. This not only helps you prevent injury, but ensures you get the most benefit from your workout as well.

Coaches are invested in your success

No one starts a workout program with the intention of quitting after just a few weeks, but it happens all the time. One reason for this is because of a shallow circle of support. Sure, your spouse or kids may know you joined a gym, but they aren’t there with you at your weekly sessions. When you have a workout coach, they become deeply vested in your success as well. You’re in this together–it’s a partnership. Thinking about skipping your workout today? Think again–your Curves coach is expecting you.

Like a lot of things in life, exercising is more fun and effective when you have someone to share it with. Having a workout coach might be just what you need to stick to your healthy-living commitment and make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.

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