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Curves Circuit Training, How and Why it can Help you get Back on Track After Lockdown

We know keeping active can be challenging during normal circumstances; juggling work, kids, family, and maintaining healthy habits is difficult – but not impossible. With lockdown easing, we hope you are as excited we are to go back to your Curves!

That is why we’ve dedicated today's article to our Circuit Training; how it works, as well as the physical and mental benefits of Strength Training.


What is Circuit Training?

The 30-minute Curves workout is based on the principle of circuit exercises. If you do not know what it is, Circuit Training is a fitness programme designed to train our body’s strength, endurance, mobility, and coordination. Circuit Training (CT) consists of a series of exercise-stations to be performed consecutively with recovery time in-between exercises. 

The sequence of exercises is designed to train the upper body, lower body and core. Exercising all muscle groups produces greater energy expenditure, resulting in weight loss and improved muscle strength.

That's why Circuit Training is perfect for getting back in shape and achieving your fitness goals in a short time! 

In addition, CT can be adjusted for the needs of anyone, using high and low intensity exercises as appropriate. This ensures CT is suitable for any age or fitness level: young, senior, professional or novice. 


How do you get results in just 30 minutes of training?

Curves speeds up metabolism, burns more fat, increases lean muscles mass, and tones the whole body. Our programme includes all the components of a complete workout: Warm-up, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Exercises, Cool-down and Stretching… in just 30 minutes! 

Every 30 seconds you change stations to allow the body to recover and train a different muscle group. This method uses more energy, making your body burn more calories, thanks to the increase of lean muscle mass and the acceleration of metabolism. 

All of our machines are integrated with a computerised supervision system  that records data during each workout and generates feedback on your progress. This shows your calories burned and how close you are to achieving your fitness goals.

In addition, our circuit is directed and supervised by our qualified coaches. Coaches are present at every training session to support you, increase energy, improve performance, and help you achieve your goals. In short coaches are there to: make you stronger than before, physically, and mentally! 

Find out  what you can achieve in 30 minutes to improve your quality of life!


Exercise machines designed for women

Our machines, designed especially for women, work on hydraulic resistance while exercising opposing muscle groups. This unique feature allows you to perform Cardio Exercises and Strength Training at the same time! Training opposite muscles helps muscle alignment and the skeletal system, improving your posture and functional movement.

In addition, each of our machines are designed to adapt to different fitness levels and allow effective training while protecting bones and joints.


The circuit has an extra gear thanks to the Curves coach

Personalisation – the secret ingredient which really makes a difference in our training programme. Curves coaches are more than just a "personal trainer", they are friends, mentors, and, above all, they are women like you! No one else will better understand you during times of difficulty and able to encourage you to move forward with the right determination. 

Coaches help you develop a positive mindset, plan your workouts and set goals by encouraging you to stay active and follow a healthy lifestyle. With their advice and, above all their belief in you and your abilities, you can achieve any goal! 

Join the Curves family and learn how our coaches can help you achieve your fitness goals!   

 What are you waiting for? Contact your nearest Curves Club today.

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Curves Circuit Training, How and Why it can Help you get Back on Track After Lockdown