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Don’t Forget To Stretch!

After a great workout, there’s always the temptation to stop and not stretch properly. You could be tired or just a bit pushed for time, or you might even think it doesn’t make a big difference. We’ve all been there haven’t we?! 

The benefits are clear

However, at Curves we believe that stretching is so important and therefore it is included as part of the Curves 30-min workout. Stretching is the fifth and final component of our full-body workout.

The amazing thing is regular stretching can even improve your previous workout, as well as all the ones to come. So how does it benefit you? There are six main ways stretching really helps to improve the impact of your workouts:

  1. Improved range of motion
    Stretching maintains and improves the ability of muscle to extend. This allows muscle to turn, twist, bend, etc. and then easily return to its normal state.

  2. Improved muscle flexibility
    Stretching helps maintain motion and can help improve it. Maintaining and improving it makes our day-to-day tasks remain easy as we age.

  3. Improved posture
    Tendons and muscles help hold our skeleton together and maintain an upright position. Flexibility helps us get into proper position.
  4. Reduced stress levels
    Stretching feels good and is a great way to relive tension. When you feel tense, you may want to stretch up tall or round your back for a good lower back stretch.
  5. Improved performance
    When stretching the muscle fibres are lengthened and the longer those fibres are, the more the muscle size can increase when doing strength training.
  6. Improved blood circulation
    A stretching routine can help blood flow to your muscles which in turn can reduce muscle soreness and improve your overall health.

Created specifically for you

The great thing about a Curves workout is that our tailored and graduated programmes mean you’re much less likely to get DOMS and any that you feel will be minor – and even they can be alleviated with the stretching included in the Curves 30-minute workout. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – or DOMS for short – is the characteristic ache you feel after certain workouts. DOMS can last up to five days, with the second day after exercise usually the worst. It is caused by eccentric (lengthening) exercise, which causes small-scale damage (microtrauma) to the muscle fibres. These effects usually wear off after a few days and it’s good to know that DOMS are a normal part of building muscle strength and stamina.

We make sure to cover the whole body when stretching at Curves, focusing on targeting both front and back muscle groups.  We suggest stretching a minimum of 3 days each week, after every workout while muscles and joints are warm and lubricated. We use static stretching where you should only hold a stretch to the point of feeling tension, not extreme pain and each stretch should be held for a minimum of 15 seconds in order for it to be beneficial.

As you can see, the benefits go far beyond just making you feel good post-workout. Stretching really does make a huge difference!

So remember, don’t miss out the warm-down, and keep stretching!

Why not book your free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves club and see if we can help you achieve all your fitness goals?

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