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Easy and quick workouts to do at home

You’ve made the commitment to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle, you’re right! With work, school, getting the kids from here to there, meeting with friends, and everything else in between, we get it: hitting the gym every day is just not doable for every schedule. For the days you cannot take 30 minutes to go to the gym, there are many other exercising alternatives that you can do at home. Follow our tips to sneak in an extra workout in your schedule without even noticing!

07.00 AM – Your morning routine

Feeling stiff after you wake up in the morning? Make it a routine to roll out of bed and stretch away your stiff muscles for 10 minutes. Breathe deeply, take in the morning sunshine, and perform your favorite yoga poses. To improve balance and flexibility and help relieve stress, try simple yoga positions, like downward dog, warrior, and child’s pose.

01.00 PM – Walking the dog

Walking is a great exercise both you and your furry pet can benefit from! Even if it’s chilly outside, wrap up warm and take a brisk walk around the neighborhood with the dog. Spend at least 20 minutes strolling, you’ll burn calories and relieve stress.

Women walking her dog

05.00 PM – Dance Party

Whether it’s in the kitchen or the living room, turn up the volume and have a dance party. Get your family involved in creating a daily dance playlist. We promised you will enjoy getting your heart rate up to your favorite songs while you move and groove with your family. Dancing is great for burning calories, relieving stress and strengthening your core.

06.00 PM – Dinner-making exercises
While you’re making dinner, squeeze in simple calisthenics. Try squats while stirring soup, lunges across the kitchen while the vegetables are defrosting, chair dips from the dining table chairs to strengthen your triceps, and jog in place while you’re waiting for your meal to heat up.

07.00 PM – TV Watching Workout

There’s about 10 minutes worth of advertising during a 30-minute TV show. To make the most of the commercial breaks, we recommend to get moving. While you’re watching your favorite show, complete wall sits, planks, crunches, and push ups during the commercials.

Women exercising while watching TV

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