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How Does Group Training Improve Your Fitness?

Here at Curves, you won’t just be joining a 30-minute workout session, you will be joining a community of women who work hard together and support one another on our journey to optimum fitness. We believe in creating a fun and inclusive workout environment, welcoming everyone, no matter your age or fitness level.

Exercise is an essential part of your life and group exercise classes are a fantastic way to improve both your physical fitness and mental health. We have recognised the emotional benefits of exercise for a long time, with research showing the release of endorphins during exercise help to improve your overall mood, decrease feelings of stress and even lessen the symptoms of anxiety and depression. A new study published in the Journal of American Osteopathic Association has proven that group exercise is yet more beneficial, with the social nature of the activity elevating the participant’s mood even more. Socialising as we work out makes it feel less like a chore- at Curves, we make sure to laugh and chat while we exercise; time flies when you’re having fun, and you can’t wait to come back to do it all over again! 

Heightened motivation is one of the key benefits associated with group exercise. Sticking to a fitness routine can be difficult, especially when you’ve had a long and exhausting day. However, attending a group workout where everyone has had different days with contrasting mind-sets, can re-energize you and equip you with the drive to work out. Exercising with other women in the Curves studio helps to create an affinity with other Curvettes, and a friendship based on shared experiences and successes. If your motivation happens to be flagging one day, there will always be a friendly face on hand to lift you up! Group exercise is shown to increase your energy, as the healthy, competitive element that develops between friends can push you to continually improve and exceed your personal best each time.    

When we work out in a group, we see the development of a shared responsibility; no-one wants to let their fitness family down or miss out on the fun by skipping a training session. Furthermore, if you work out by yourself, it’s easier to skip those last 3 reps or cut time short but being surrounded by supportive women encourages you to do your best, and to strive towards achieving your goals. Moreover, working out with others forces you to schedule your workouts, creating a structure which makes it easier to work physical activity into your day. This in itself creates a routine mentality, allowing you to better stick to your fitness goals. This sense of a shared responsibility helps to create strong social links; where women confide in one another, believe in themselves more due to others’ encouragement and see their own successes reflected back at them through their friends.

Not only is group training a hub of friendship, but Curves coaches are standing by to motivate and train you at every workout. The Curves circuit is expertly lead by these certified instructors, guaranteeing the most efficient use of workout machines and ensuring that proper form is maintained throughout. In addition, you save time on planning as your Curves coach will already have an engaging and challenging workout routine in place to keep exercising interesting and fun!

If you would like to become part of the Curves community, head to our website to find your nearest Curves gym and book your free consultation today!

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