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How To Improve Your Strength at Any Age

Whether you are 25, 35, or even 85, everyone can benefit from improving their strength! Previously people believed that the older we get, our bodies naturally become more fragile and injury-prone, convincing us that we should take it easy and not challenge ourselves too much.

However these days we’re more knowledgeable on this topic, and have actually found that sticking to a regular exercise routine works to prevent us becoming frail. We at Curves believe that without the strength and fitness that is achieved through regular exercise, you are missing out on the highest quality of life.

According to research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), it is now well-known that you have the ability to gain strength and better your fitness at any point in life, regardless of age. The ACSM go into further detail, explaining that regular strength training such as the Curves 30-minute workout can positively enhance strength in older women, in as little as just three to four months. On top of these improvements to your general fitness, studies show an increase in willingness to participate in spontaneous activity, further benefitting fitness levels.

When discussing fitness training, Wayne Wescott, PhD, ID, stated: “Numerous studies have demonstrated that relatively brief sessions (e.g., 12 to 20 total exercise sets) of regular strength training (two or three non-consecutive days per week) can increase muscle mass in adults of all ages through the 10th decade of life.”

Another leading American educational institution, the University of Vermont, conducted a study to observe the effects of training for strength when you are 65 years old or older. The study compared a group of 65+ year olds who enrolled in a 12-week strength training program with a group of 65+ year olds, who don’t participate in regular exercise. When the 12 weeks ended, research showed that the group who participated in the strength training enhanced the strength in their legs and their walking endurance by an impressive 38%.

Strength Benefits

Through working on your strength, one of the many benefits you’ll find is a boost to your endurance levels. Increasing your strength will help you complete activities you do daily a lot easier – whether that’s carrying your shopping, doing the housework or walking to work. This increase in strength will also improve the stability in your legs, hips and core. The benefits are not just physical, but psychological- with greater fitness, you’ll be better able to enjoy fun sporting activities such as tennis, hiking and football without getting quickly puffed out and sore. Moreover the strength to partake in more physically demanding activities will raise your metabolism. This heightened metabolism helps you to manage your weight, while also preventing diseases like diabetes.

Strength Training

For optimum fitness, the experts at ACSM recommend individuals take part in 30-minute strength workouts, at least three non-consecutive days. This is something which Curves is highly equip for, as we have both classes and exercise hydraulic resistance machines which are perfect for strengthening your core, arms, legs and any other part of your body which could be improved. If this sounds like something you’d like to find out more about, you can do so by contacting your nearest club or booking your free consultation now!

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