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Reasons why women choose to train in a women’s gym

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, one of the cornerstones through which we should achieve this is physical exercise. And when it comes to putting this physical exercise into practice, joining a gym is one of the best options. Paying for a subscription tends to hold us accountable when playing sports on a regular basis, so many women opt for the gym rather than exercising on their own.

However, in recent years the growing trend has been for women-only gyms, like our Curves centres. But what drives women to choose a women-only gym when it comes to working out? Below we will highlight the main advantages for a woman to choose an exclusively female space for practising sport.


Top reasons to choose a women’s gym

When it comes to women being able to exercise successfully, women’s gyms have a number of advantages over mixed gyms. The main ones being:


Feeling more at ease

A study conducted by Sport England, the organisation which promotes sport in England, found that a high percentage of women stop going to a gym to exercise because they feel intimidated, even coining its own term for this phenomenon, “Gymtimidation”, in other words not feeling at ease training in a space shared by men. 

There are some women who just don’t feel comfortable in a mixed space, either because of previous bad experiences, or because they feel self-conscious wearing sportswear, which is generally tight, in front of a group of men. It may even be that, for some reason, they can’t dress in that way in front of men, as is the case with Muslim women because of their religion.

So, a women’s gym is seen as a safer place for working out, allowing us to exercise exclusively in the company of other women with the same fears and insecurities as ourselves, where support and understanding comes as guaranteed.


Workouts tailored totally to the needs of women

Women’s physique is different from men’s, as is their metabolism. Their distinct hormonal make-up means that the areas women need to work on and strengthen differ to those of men, as the female body tends to store fat in different places than it does in a male body.

Women also face a whole host of factors that alter their metabolism and physique, such as menstruation, pregnancy or menopause, each with its different effects on the female body such as fluid retention, abdominal swelling, increased chest size, weakening of the pelvic floor.

A mixed gym is not likely to offer exercises and machines adapted to the type of problems that women face, because, as they are designed for both men and women, their approach is as neutral as possible. That’s why a women’s gym offers workouts that are tailored far more to the challenges of the female body.


Different psychological approach to working out

Not only are men and women different in their physical make-up, they also have different psychological motivations behind their sports practice. The percentage of men who play sports for entertainment or fun is greater, while, on the other hand, women predominantly exercise for aesthetic or physical reasons. Therefore, women’s workouts have to be far more results-driven, otherwise drop-out rates would be high, and they can find this when they go to a women-only gym.


A more relaxed environment

Testosterone is the dominant hormone in the male body, found also in the female body, but to a lesser extent. It impacts each other’s different psychological approach to sports practice. Testosterone increases the level of aggression and competitiveness in men, so the environment in a gym where men are present is usually more confrontational.

In a women-only gym, the atmosphere couldn’t be any more different. Competitiveness makes way for teamwork, trying to outdo each other makes way for mutual support to help achieve our physical targets.


These are just some of the main reasons why a women-only gym can be seen as the ideal solution for women wanting to train in comfort. At Curves you will find workouts tailored to women, in a setting that is totally friendly, offering support and collaboration. If you are not yet part of our family, book a free consultation now or get in touch with your nearest Curves club.

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