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Strength Training and how it benefits you

There are many misconceptions about Strength Training and how it can transform the way you look and feel. But it’s not about adding bulk! Some people automatically think weight-lifting and huge muscles, however, it’s about building strong muscles – not giant ones. Every Curves workout is designed to work each part of your body from your core right through to your upper and lower body. It’s this total body Strength Training that helps you feel more confident and ready to tackle everything life can throw at you!

Get stronger. Get leaner.

As all our Curvettes know, whenever you exercise or are working out, you’re burning calories from fat, protein and carbs. So when you regularly add Strength Training to the mix, you not only gain muscle, you also lose some of that stubborn fat too. The truly amazing thing about Strength Training is that it boosts fat-burn even when you’re not exercising! This happens because the extra muscle you add increases your resting metabolism, but it’s the next part where the magic really happens. After every Strength Training workout, your body needs to regenerate and recuperate the muscles exercised during that session – and it’s this rebuilding process that requires more energy. So you get stronger, go through more calories and burn more fat even after you’ve stopped the session. This process can last for up to three days!

A very rough ratio is that if you can gain half a kilogram of muscle over the first six months of Strength Training, you’ll see up to a kilogram of fat loss in the same period. So you get stronger as you get leaner.

Stronger from the inside out

Bone health is vital to your overall health, but what you might not know is your bones are just as active when it comes to regenerating and renewing their own cells. Without wanting to get too scientific, cells called osteoclasts mop up all the old bone tissue while other cells called osteoblasts create new bone to replace the old. As we all get older, the creator cells slow down and your bones start to weaken. The great news is that Strength Training can help to reverse this because it stresses your bones, stimulating those all-important osteoblasts to start creating more reinforcement bone tissue.

Put your back into it

Everyone has a sore or a stiff back now and again – in fact, it’s one of the world’s most common medical problems. Once again, Strength Training can come to the rescue by helping to prevent back pain and in some cases, even alleviate it. By cultivating strong back muscles, you’re not only helping your own body keep your spine in alignment, but these stronger muscles also provide greater shock absorption. So when you’re performing everyday activities like carrying shopping, working in the garden or just walking up and down stairs, your body has more internal protection against pressure and strain.

A strong body means a strong mind

If you look good, you tend to feel good, right? Of course, regular exercise improves your mind-set by releasing endorphins, but with regular resistance workouts you get physically stronger too – making everyday tasks seem that bit easier. And with your improved muscle tone and definition, you’ll see the improvements you’re making as you get stronger, but soon, other people will begin to notice too.

Why not book your free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves club and see if our fitness and Strength Training coaching can transform the way you feel?

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