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Your Summer Workout To-Do List

With the arrival of the warmer days and the desire to relax in the sun, the temptation to stop your regular training can be strong. It's ok, it happens to everyone, especially after months in lockdown many of you might be contemplating the idea of a training free summer. However, keeping active during the summer is very important both for your physical and mental well-being. It can give you that energy boost you might be needing. 

Let's talk about the benefits: 


When your body is used to regular workouts, a sudden interruption is likely to have a negative impact. Not only you might lose the benefits acquired in the previous months, but in a few weeks, your muscles will lose tone, volume and elasticity. 

In general, our body will feel fatigued faster and getting back into action in the autumn might become so much difficult. 

Taking care of yourself

Regular physical activity during the summer can also help your overall mental well-being. Exercising can help you strengthen your social relationships both in and outside the club. Train with a friend and share the joy and challenge of keeping fit together. 

Alternate workouts to keep motivation high

Motivation is a crucial ingredient to carry on with your training. In summer, outdoor physical activity can be a pleasant variation to your Curves training. Don't take us wrong, we want you at the club. But we also want you to enjoy some time out being active and contributing to your own fitness journey enjoying the beautiful days and the outdoors. 

Monitored Training

Whether you are at your club or outdoors, Curves coaches are on hand to guide you and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Speak with your coach today and ask how you can complement your in-club workout with outdoor activities to boost your energy and your fitness this summer. 

Your summer workout

To keep you motivated, here are a few tips to enhance your summer workout

1. Set your goals for the summer

Small goals equal great results. But remember: whatever your goal is (toning, losing a few pounds, feeling better, being more flexible, being fit enough to make the hike you've always wanted to try, etc.), it's important to set goals that are measurable and within your reach. Your Coach Curves can help!

2. Mark your calendar for fitness appointments

Fixing the days and times you go to your Curves gym helps you meet your schedule.

3. Ask for Curves Travel Pass

A real travel pass, provided on request by the staff of your Curves gym so you can visit a club near the holiday spot. An opportunity to stay fit but also meet new people and share advice with the locals. 

4. Reward every win

After each Curves workout or long walk, take a moment to do something pleasant: a half-hour of reading, a coffee with a friend or a nice relaxing bath. Doing something nice for yourself after each workout has a rewarding effect and helps keep you motivated. 

If you want to find out how to stay fit even during the summer, sign up for a free consultation at your nearest Curves club!

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