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4 ways to show off your toned legs this summer

Your legs. You’ve worked them hard, and will continue to, on the circuit. But now it’s time to show off your newly-toned pins. Here are four of the best ways to do exactly that.

1. Best summer sheen

A healthy glow is always the best accessory, no? To enhance yours, simply mix your favourite body moisturizer with a little self-tanner (available at any chemist or supermarket), and slather the combo on your legs for smooth, subtly bronzed legs that aren’t greasy to the touch or splotchy.


2. Best summer outfit

But what better time to unpack your shorts than when your newly-developed muscles are making your legs look impossibly longer? Our favourite shorts for summer come in bright colours, and don’t be afraid to try a fun print! Aim for shorts that hit just above the knee for modest coverage. 


3. Best summer pedi

Get a French pedicure with a metallic twist. Instead of painting the tips of your toenails classic French manicure white, choose a metallic like an understated silver or a matte or shimmery gold. The effect? A little less subtle, but still elegant—and it’ll go with your ankle bracelet. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go one step further and flip the French. Instead of painting the tips of your toenails with a metallic band, do it at the base of your nails. It’s a look that was all over the spring runways and one we love.


4. Best summer sandals

What better way to show off your new pedicure than with a strappy pair of dress-‘em-down-or-up jewelled sandals? Sandals (flat or with a small wedge) can be found at any height and any price. They look great with shorts for errands or with a skirt for summer parties.



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