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Can Exercise Help Me Sleep Better?

Can Exercise Help Me Sleep Better?

With so much to plan, make and buy, it’s no wonder that regular exercise becomes tough to fit in during the festive season. Work parties, catching up with friends and getting the extended family around to visit are just some of the social events that tend to ‘get in the way’ of going to Curves. There’s just so much going on. And sleep? Who has time to get their full allocation of that?

But what if you can get the best of both worlds and use your session at Curves to help you sleep better? It could make all your celebrations that bit more enjoyable.

Exercise often. Sleep well.

There’s a huge amount of scientific evidence pointing to a connection between regular exercise and improved sleep. In fact, studies have shown that if you exercise, your sleep quality improves. Meaning even the same amount of sleep in the same timeframe could be improved simply by exercising. When you exercise, you also spend more time in the deep sleep zone, which has been shown to be the most beneficial sleep phase that’s believed to help to control anxiety, improve your immune system and could even help your heart.

Tire Yourself Out at Curves

When you’re active, you obviously expend more energy. As a result, you can be more tired at the end of the day and go to bed earlier because your body’s ready to rest. This could increase the amount you sleep even by little increments. A regular exercise routine could also help to reduce your stress levels which is a common cause of sleep problems. So if you have trouble falling asleep or are restless during the night because you’re anxious or thinking about work, exercise – and stretching afterwards – helps lower blood pressure and also makes you feel good about yourself!

Sleep When Your Head Hits the Pillow    

With more and more studies being conducted on the link between exercise and better sleep, some scientific papers state it can help with serious sleep disorders like insomnia. These benefits don’t happen overnight, but studies show there seems to be a gradual lessening of symptoms when people do aerobic exercise on a regular basis.

So can exercise help me sleep better? You can find out more about the connection between a good night’s sleep and a healthy lifestyle in our in-depth article. Within this, you’ll also discover some simple tips and tricks to help you sleep better and make the most of the hectic holiday season. Why not book your free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves club and see for yourself if exercise can improve your sleep?

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