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Healthy tips & tricks to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s day is celebrated in a host of different ways including parades, parties, ceilidh’s, food, alcohol and lots of green! It is a day that is remembered and celebrated in honour of the life and death of the foremost patron saint of Ireland – Saint Patrick. Although St Patrick’s day can be filled with so much fun & joy many of these celebrations include copious amounts of party food which isn’t the best if you’re trying to stay healthy or lose weight. So, here at Curves, we have created our top tips on how to enjoy St Patrick’s Day in the healthiest way possible.

Our top 7 tips & tricks for a healthy St Patrick's Day

  • Start of the day with a celebration of all things green and drink a green smoothie or green juice! It will set you off right and keep you on track for the rest of the day – start as you mean to go on.
  • Make sure and get to your Curves workout this week & work extra hard to balance out all the partying. Make sure you push hard, drink plenty of water & sweat!
  • If you had considered going out and watching one of the parades instead of just standing on the sidelines why not go out and walk along with it instead? Use every opportunity to try to make the healthiest choice possible.
  • Why don’t you throw a St Patrick’s Day party? This way you have control of the menu & can serve up some healthy snacks that you like. If you need inspiration why not take a read of our Curves article from last year that has some recipes we know you’ll love! 
  • If you’re staying in and enjoying the evening with a traditional Irish meal such as a hearty Irish stew or a Shepherd's pie there are small things you can do to make it that little bit healthier. Try trimming the excess fat off your meat, draining the fat from the meat whilst you’re cooking or swapping out the meat entirely for leaner meat with less fat.
  • If you’re going to celebrate with some alcohol why not make it a Guinness or Jameson’s Whisky as they have fewer calories in them than other drinks.
  • Finally, if you partied a little bit too much and need to recover the next day don’t go for the sugary & fatty foods! Get back on track the next day with plenty of water and a good breakfast to rebalance your blood sugar levels.

Hopefully, some of these tips will come in handy and we hope you enjoy your day whatever way you choose to celebrate!

Why not couple your balanced diet with some regular exercise? Curves coaches are here to help you change your lifestyle! It's as easy as requesting your free first appointment at any Curves gym- go for it!

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