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The Importance of Sleep and How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough

Alongside nutrition and frequent exercise, getting enough sleep is one of the pillars of health. We’ve all experienced that great, refreshing feeling of a good night’s sleep, as well as the fatigue that follows a bad one, but in our busy lives, often we overlook the importance of sleep. And while how much sleep is enough remains disputed, health experts agree that a full night’s sleep is a core element of your health and fitness regime. But why is sleep important? This article by Curves will show you all the benefits of good sleep, and how to get better sleep.

Maintaining a healthy sleep pattern can have a profound effect on your physical health, as well as your weight management. Studies have shown that short sleep duration is linked to obesity, with adults being 55% more likely to be overweight if they do not sleep enough. This link is believed to be influenced by a number of factors, including hormones alongside decreased motivation to exercise. As sleep deprivation affects the hormones that regulate appetite, poor sleepers tend to consume more calories than good sleepers. Moreover, the fatigue caused by lack of sleep leads many to seek their energy from sugary, calorific food and drink. As sleep deprivation has a direct impact on your motivation levels, it can make it difficult to muster the energy to exercise, causing you to put less effort into your workouts, or to skip them altogether.

Likewise, there are boundless positive impacts that a good sleep pattern can have on your general health. Not only does sleep improve your immune functions, helping you to fight off any common illnesses, it improves your concentration and productivity. As such, people tend to perform more effectively during exercise, as well as have an increased motivation to make their workouts. Moreover, a good night’s sleep positively affects your mood, making you more confident and enthusiastic.

Convinced? Here are some of Curves’ top tips to get more sleep! Follow these rules for how to get a good night’s sleep, and see the difference it makes to your health regime!

  • Daily exercise- ensure you make all your Curves’ workouts; they keep working for you, even after you’ve left the fitness studio!
  • Establish a sleep schedule- adhering to a strict waking up and going to bed time will help to regulate your body clock, and allow you to fall into a natural sleep rhythm.
  • Avoid daytime naps- they may seem like a good idea at the time, but they’ll cause problems later at night. If you must have one, make sure they do not exceed thirty minutes and are not too close to your intended bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine before sleeping- alcohol and cigarettes are incredibly bad for your health, and you should avoid all caffeine after 5pm.
  • Avoid heavy meals in the evening- they can cause indigestion. Why not try one of our fantastically light and healthy Curves recipes instead?
  • Turn off electronics- your phone and laptop are not only a distraction, but the light from the screen activates your brain and makes it more difficult to sleep.


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The Importance of Sleep and How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough