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Are you fit for the fitness franchise?

If you are considering starting your own franchise, it may be difficult to choose which business franchise to invest in. You may want to follow your personal preference to an industry that you are passionate about, that’s a good start. But you should also explore consumer needs, industry trends and growth opportunities. The European fitness and health market accounts for 52,4 million members and with an annual 5% growth, there are huge business opportunities.

Do you wonder if the fitness franchise could be for you, Curves Sales Director Andres Wiegel is telling us more about the ideal Curves fitness franchise candidate.

In growing Curves as a service provider in health, what identifies the ideal franchisee candidate?

We have very diverse profiles of franchisees but what we find in every successful Curves owner is a personal with a passion for people, a responsible person with a strong personal engagement to contribute to the health of our members. Candidates have a good knowledge fitness industry and are energetic with strong communication skills.

Is there a specific profile to become a successful Curves franchisee?

We are always looking for new business partners who want to develop their local community. There are multiples profiles to become a successful candidate to the Curves franchise programme. Whether you are interested in opening one club or developing a region, we are interested in talking with you. We have dedicated programmes for each type of investor, you can choose from opening one club, becoming a multi-club owner or a regional franchiser.

When it comes to being a good club owner, what’ll work best in the long run: discipline or passion?

You definitely need a good combination of both. Without discipline you can’t manage a club professionally and run a successful business. But passion is essential at Curves, if you love what you do, you will share that positive energy with your staff and your members. The secret of a successful franchisee is a good staff, a well-trained and high-qualified staff will help you reach your business goals.

Where is Curves expanding? Are they any specific regions or countries where to invest in Curves in the coming months?

Curves is expanding very successfully in Italy, Ireland and France. The concept is very well received in those countries. There is also strategic growth potential in North East Spain (Cataluña), Scotland and Belgium.

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