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International Day of Families : Keeping Active Together

International day of families celebrated on the 15th of May since 1994, focuses on celebrating families and their unique bonds. It also highlights the importance of family union, and the rich diversity of families around the world.  

This year, families have seen their day to day dynamics affected by the current global situation. Many families have been unable to visit their elderly parents; while other families have been juggling working from home, and home-schooling. All these rapid changes can sometimes create stress and tensions. So, with this in mind, we want to take this opportunity to talk about the benefits of exercising as a family, and how using physical activity can benefit everyone.

Training as a family, building togetherness.

There are so many ways in which you can organise fun workouts at home. Not only are these workouts fun, but they can also help improve communication by: 

Building Bonds

Family training increases team building because it leads to sharing a common goal.

Encouraging Positive feelings 

Physical activity improves mental health and well-being, creates a positive environment and helps motivate each other to stay active.

Opening Communication 

Physical activity helps to better communicate, collaborate and dissolve any tensions.

Keeping Active

Don't underestimate the benefits on the body: physical activity and active play help keep you in shape.

Setting a Good Example

Set a good example by encouraging a positive approach toward health and nutrition. Cultivate a culture of well-being and support and develop healthy habits from childhood.


Children: physical activity as a game

Playtime is a fundamental part of childhood development. Playtime can ease stress in children and help them develop social skills. Keeping active through play and exercise can also play an essential role in growth development and well-being. 

Here are some ideas on how to engage children at home: 


Active Storytime

Make storytime action-packed by adding movements into the mix. Every time the reader says a specific word (for example, "then") everyone must complete an action. Jump, clap your hands, touch your nose! Those who do, get one point, and one step forward towards the reader. The game ends when someone reaches the reader. 

Secret Moves

Grab some markers or crayons and some paper. Cut or rip the paper into small pieces and give each family member five pieces. Ask everyone to write their favourite moves in each piece of paper (jumping, crawling, hopping, etc.) Hide the cards around the house and start the hunt! Make the hunting for secret moves more exciting by adding a countdown. Once all the cards are found, gather together to uncover the secrets.  Read each card out loud and complete the 'secret move' together.

Dance Party

Did somebody say Disco? Organise a dance party in the living room!

Obstacle Course

Put those pillows and cushions to good use. Make an indoor obstacle course using your couch, cushions, pillows and blankets. Make sure there is enough space for everyone and remove any dangerous or breakable items from around the tables. Set a timer! See how many you and your family can complete in the least amount of time.

The Cleaning Army 

Oh, house chores! Everyone seems to 'disappear' at the thought of chores. Change the routine and turn cleaning time into fun time for the whole family. Give everyone a mission to complete: recover toys from the seafloor, dust the magic dust that makes things fall asleep, tickle furniture with the duster. Lead the troops! Add some music to keep everyone motivated and on task. 

For more advice or information about a healthy lifestyle, find your nearest club and be sure to follow their social media accounts. 


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