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Stay Motivated and Find Your ‘Why’

Motivation is the set of factors that give a clear direction to our actions and is what drives us to act. If we are motivated, we will be able to achieve our fitness goals, get stronger and lead a healthier lifestyle with much more ease. 

But how do you find the motivation to achieve all your goals? And how does this motivation actually help us meet all our objectives?

What makes you really happy? 

Understanding what makes us happy helps us set priorities and therefore clearly define our purpose. To do this, we must not just simply ask ourselves 'what is important to me', but we must take it a step further and ask questions such as: Where do I want to be in 5 years time? What do I want to achieve in life? What can I do to improve my lifestyle and feel good about myself?

Understanding what is important to you will help you understand why you decide to train and have a healthy and active lifestyle! You might want to get back in shape to be able to play with your grandchildren, you may want to be stronger because you want to be independent and be able to carry shopping bags, or to be a positive example for your children. Find your 'why' and remember it every day!

The best practice? Write your 'why' on a post-it near a mirror so you can look at it as you reflect on yourself to stay motivated, or keep a picture of your loved ones by your front door so you can remember why you started this journey, or keep a reminder on your mobile so that throughout the day you get frequent pop-ups! There are so many ways you can do this, be creative and do whatever suits you best. 

Establishing our priorities also means learning to choose what is best for ourselves. This type of journey also forces us to let go of bad habits and, often, even people who have a negative influence in our lives.

But why is it so difficult, at times, to establish what is most important to us? The answer lies in the hectic life we ​​live every day, in the anxiety and worries that confuse our priorities and distance us from our values.

That's why we at Curves are at the side of women, supporting them and bringing physical activity into their lives: training means first of all dedicating time to ourselves, nurturing positive thoughts and strengthening our self-esteem … long story short: become stronger physically, to be stronger mentally!

Cultivate your will power and self-control

Willpower is the main quality you need to build new habits and persevere to achieve your goals. The good news is that willpower can be trained, just like you do with your muscles!

Here are some tips and tricks to train your willpower:

  • Start with easy things: no unrealistic goals. Start by setting up a list of things to do every day for at least a week. For example, you are better to say: "Tomorrow I will make sure to have breakfast at home rather than eat out" as opposed to saying "I am never eating out again". This way, with the passage of time, your small daily choices will become consolidated habits.
  • Intermediate stages: each result achieved is the result of a series of small steps that are added together. Splitting the path into multiple stages and writing down all progress will help increase self-confidence.
  • Aim for a balance: you cannot live your life being restricted by everything! If you have planned a family meal out to celebrate a special occasion, make sure to attend and even treat yourself to desert! However, if this is the case then make sure that you enjoy healthier foods throughout the week. And DO NOT skip your Curves workouts! Physical activity brings many benefits not only to the body, but also to the mind, helping you to more easily reach every type of goal.

As a general rule: always keep your "why" in your mind so that your efforts to try to achieve it become easier. This way you will show yourself that your efforts are not just an extra duty besides your daily tasks, but they have a meaning that can fill you with satisfaction every day.

Celebrate your goals

Always keep your final goal in mind and make sure the decisions you make on a day to day basis are working towards this, however it is of equal importance to recognise all your efforts along the way. This is a journey and it won't necessarily be a quick nor easy one so be sure to celebrate all your victories, regardless of how small they may be. 

Remembering your personal successes will help you achieve your goals, push yourself further and further towards the final goal and keep your commitment alive!

Did you know that the Curves Coaches help you achieve your fitness goals? Training the body means training the mind. This is why, to help you not give up your goals, you are encouraged to have a positive mental attitude that will help you discover your potential!

If you want to discover all the benefits of our training program, book a free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves Club.

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