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Healthy Alternatives to Water

Hydration is critical for health and well-being, especially during the summer months when our bodies are working extra hard to keep us cool! In order to make sure that we have plenty of water in our body drinking 8 glasses of water a day is highly recommended. Although we endorse drinking the suggested amount of fluids a day, sometimes replacing water with another healthy drink every now and then can help jazz up your diet. In this article we will be listing healthy drinks that are full of nutrients and taste great!


Celery juice

Celery isn’t often associated as an obvious superfood, but it can provide a range of benefits to your body… inside and out! Celery is often described as unappetising to snack on, although, we believe it’s one of the tastiest vegetables to juice. Apart from being tasty, the water based vegetable can be a great internal cleanser, especially for your kidneys! What’s more it holds compounds inside such as flavanols, furanocoumarins and phenolic acids which are linked to preventing the birth and growth of cancerous cells. As well as providing health benefits, the superfood is also used as a natural sleep enhancer, as it’s high level of electrolytes can help your body achieve relaxation.


Green Tea

One of the most popular hot drinks to sip today has to be green tea! And why not considering its huge range of benefits such as reducing atherosclerosis and heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation in arthritis whilst also improving bone density, memory and is even linked to preventing cancer if consumed regularly. Phew, time to boil your kettle and get your green tea brewing!

If drinking green tea we would highly recommend making sure that the product is organic, to avoid buying a chemically altered product, as in many cases cheaper alternatives tend to bleach the tea bag or spray the contents with products which extend shelf-live. Look out for ‘Matcha Green Tea’ especially, as it is has high levels of antioxidant contents.


Cold-pressed Vegetables

Cold-pressed juice is a great way to gain vitamins from all of your favourite vegetables when you are on the move. Often when people are making smoothies or cold-pressed drinks, the primary ingredient is fruit – you should try to avoid this, as you’ll end up consuming a high level of sugars which – if drunk regularly – could have potential harm on your body. We would recommend making sure that you’re choosing ingredients that are mostly green vegetables such as kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, romaine, zucchini as well as many others. If you’re more tempted towards sweeter juices, squeeze some lemon and/or lime into the drink. Ingesting cold-pressed juices is a great way of cleaning your body of anti-toxicants and provides a great natural source of energy which can help you stay motivated during your day whilst at work and exercising.


Coconut Water

Packed with electrolytes, coconut water claims to have the ability of replenishing your body to a higher degree than water! Unlike the cartons which can be bought in supermarkets, the water which is found in the centre of a green coconut contains very little fat and is 94% water. Within this water you’ll find calcium, sodium, potassium, vitamin C, fibre and more beneficial nutrients

Coconut water is best consumed post-exercise, as it acts as a tool to restore your body’s hydration level and replenish minerals that play important roles in the body. Studies have shown that coconut water is equally effective at restoring hydration levels than high-electrolyte sports drinks, whilst also being the healthier beverage!


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