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Using your sunday to prep for a healthy week

For many of us, Sundays are a day of downtime. We rest and recharge for the coming week by reading a good book, watching TV or maybe even taking a nap. But Sundays are also the perfect time to get a jump start on the days ahead by preparing for a healthy week. Here are five tips on how to put your Sundays to work for you.


Be prepared by having meals and snacks preplanned; this is imperative to a healthy eating plan. That’s why Sundays can play a pivotal role for you and your family’s nutrition. First, plan your meals and snacks and then make a grocery list to support that plan. Be sure to stick to your list when you go shopping so you avoid buying things that are tempting and unhealthy.

If you have enough time, why not cook up a few meals in advance and pop them in the freezer for busy nights? You can also prep some of your ingredients ahead to save time. Things like chopping vegetables, boiling eggs or preparing a sauce can be done in advance so they’re ready to go when you need them.


How many times have we gotten to Sunday and realized that you only made it to circuit training once that week? It’s so easy to push it off to the next day if we don’t have a solid plan. So why not spend a little time on Sunday thinking about everything you have going on in the coming week, and what days or nights will be the best for exercising? Formally working those Curves sessions into your calendar will help you be prepared and stick to your commitment.


Staying fit and healthy requires us to be active throughout each day – not just when we’re on the circuit. Make sure that on your days off from Curves you still have plenty of activity planned to keep your body burning calories and your metabolism high. Think of fun activities that keep your whole family active, like a long walk with the dog or a hike.


This time of year is party season, and we know what that can do to our waistlines. Keep this in mind when making your weekly plan for meals and snacks. If you’ll be taking a dish to the party, be sure to bring something healthy that you’ll feel good about eating. And be sure to eat a light, healthy snack or meal before you go.


Finally, make sure your plan allows you to get to bed each night at a decent hour. Sleep is essential for both our physical and emotional well-being. If you plan well, there can still be time to get in a solid eight hours.

Using our Sundays to plan for the week ahead is a smart way to de-stress our lives and make sure we get the nutrition, exercise and rest we need for a healthy lifestyle.

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