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7 Ways In Which The Curves Coaches Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The Curves community is made up of millions of women who have a single goal in common: to improve the quality of their lives through physical activity. That’s why our Coaches are always present during your workout, to support you at all times and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Are you curious to find out how? Today we’ll show you how in this article!


A personal trainer who understands your needs

Our Coaches are much more than the personal trainers you’ll find at other gyms. As women specialising in training, they are genuine guides! No one can understand all the difficulties we encounter while we’re working out and we want to achieve the fitness goals we’ve set ourselves better than they do. Is there a better tool than empathy to support and encourage you to achieve your best? That’s why only Curves Coaches are able to help you get through the critical moments while you’re training and to monitor your progress using personalised dossiers.


This is included in your subscription

Working with our Coaches is like being followed step-by-step by a private instructor, but without any additional cost! She will always be present during your workout and at your side to supervise and motivate you during each training session, so you can achieve your fitness goals more easily.


Eyes on the prize: mental coaching helps sport

Our Coaches know that training our bodies also means making our minds healthier. That's why they ensure you have a positive mental attitude, to help make sure you never give up and get the most out of your workout! How? Helping you discover your inner resources and the potential you didn't believe you had, reminding you that by trusting in yourself you’ll succeed in reaching any target!


Following the training circuit with perseverance

The secret ingredient in any effective workout is perseverance. And the support of our coaches is all you need to commit every day to creating and respecting your fitness routine!

Missing your training at the gym has a number of negative effects for your body and your mind: your metabolism slows down, your muscles weaken and, as time goes by, your self-respect can also be reduced.

That's why you need the Curves Coaches to rediscover the motivation you need! They’ll help you concentrate on the positive aspects that training brings into your life, to achieve your goals at your own pace and to programme your training sessions to make physical exercise more and more of a habit.


Healthy lifestyle

Training is part of a path to improve the quality of our lives, in all its aspects, from our meals to our everyday habits.

The Curves Coaches care about your personal wellbeing and know that it’s important to help you make your lifestyle healthier, also outside the gym! They will support you in following a proper balanced diet for everyday life and to get the most out of each training session: they will show you what the best types of food to eat before your workout are and what to eat after the gym to replenish all the nutrients that are lost with physical activity.

But it doesn't end there! Our coaches know how to encourage their members to stay active outside the club, to have a less sedentary lifestyle during weekends or holidays, so that they can maintain the results they have achieved with so much effort.


A woman for women

The secret ingredient of the Curves workout is called personalisation, because it has been specially designed for women. That's why, thanks to preparation and the support of our Coaches, you’ll feel understood in all the phases of the life you’re living and you’ll be able to live it with the right attitude. The onset of menopause, for example, marks a moment of changes that are not always easy to face, and we women often tend to experience it as a kind of “illness”… but it’s not!

With our 30-minute training programme, the Curves Coaches will know how to help you develop a positive mental attitude. Doing gym exercises during menopause, in fact, has many benefits for body and mind: it maintains the ideal weight, helps reduce your cholesterol and increase the good kind (HDL), improves arterial blood pressure, combats insomnia and issues such as irritability and hot flushes.


Not yet convinced? Here are 5 advantages of strength training for women:

  • it builds up muscle mass
  • it speeds up the metabolism
  • it burns fats, helping you keep your weight under control
  • it triggers a virtuous circle of healthy habits
  • it increases energy and improves your mood


Celebrate reaching your targets

Valuing every small step is extremely important because it helps us recognise the value of what we’re doing every day to move closer to our ultimate goal. With each individual training session you’re demonstrating your desire to become stronger and improve your life… and this is not something that can be taken as read, right?

That’s why, with each goal you reach, our Coaches will remember to reward you! How? First of all by monitoring all your progress and celebrating each individual target reached with you. Thanks to them, you’ll learn that there’s nothing better than recognising the qualities that have enabled us to achieve the goals we’ve set ourselves and these moments will give you even more energy to go forward with the right level of determination!


Establishing future goals

When we want to achieve a result and are training to do so, one of the most important steps is to set yourself some short-term goals, but also some long-term ones.

That's why with Curves you can programme your fitness path together with our Coaches, who will help you establish new targets for each month and for the subsequent ones! You can compare notes with them at each workout, express your doubts and fears, and they will always be ready to act as your guide and encourage you to never give up!


If you want to discover all the benefits of the Curves programme, book a free consultation immediately or contact your nearest Curves Club.

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