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How to Tone Up your Arms as you Age

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Bat wings? Bingo wings? Grandma’s Handbags!? They have many names!

A common concern for countless menopausal women’s is the extra weight in the upper arms.

As the body ages, muscle tone diminishes aging us unnecessarily. This may happen despite being very active, flabby arms can easily creep up on us, as our triceps are a pushing muscle and seldom engaged in our typical daily activity.

Do you find yourself not feeling as comfortable in sleeveless dresses as you once did? Do you feel self-conscious about your arms?

Would you like to tone those upper arms?

Whilst you can’t “spot treat” fat loss, by increasing tone in your upper body combined with weight loss it is possible to completely change the appearance of our arms.

Simple Strength Training exercises

We need to incorporate some pushing with elbow extension into our daily activity. A good way to start is to stand arm’s length from the wall, put your hands on the wall and allow your body to come towards the wall by bending your elbow, then push your body away from the wall. Do not lock out your elbows. Remember to breath naturally. Try to increase the number of repetitions each day.

When out on your daily walks be conscious of using your arms, try simulating the marching movement with your arms.

The Curves At-Home Workouts and the Curves In-Club Circuit are designed to condition the arms.

It’s all about delayed gratification

How do you feel about the solution? Does it sound possible but you question if the change is achievable. Let’s talk about making change again.

To achieve change we have to be willing to submit what we think we want now, to what we want later. In other words, forgo instant gratification. Ironically this process ultimately produces happiness. So we need to cultivate the ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.

But the good news is we don’t have to do everything at once. Small changes add up overtime. So start small with changes you can maintain and as the change becomes a habit, look to add another small change to your daily routine, when you look back you will be pleased you did.

Do you struggle with excess anxiety common to the menopause? Find your nearest Curves club, and get a free consultation with one of our Coaches. A coach by your side can guide you into getting started and discuss the best plan of action for you.

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