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Strength Training: Arms, Legs, and Abdomen Get all the Benefits

Strength training has many benefits. But are you aware of all the advantages training your upper and lower body can bring? When you are working out, you engage your mind and body, releasing endorphins and strengthening your muscles. 

Are you ready to find out how your body can transform with a strength training routine? Ok, here we go! 

Upper Body Exercise: Arms and Abdomen

Upper body training, specifically arms and abdomen exercises, can help you improve strength and tone. These are great to keep correct posture, and can also help you if you suffer from back pain. However, please consult with your doctor before you train if you have any existing pre-conditions. 

Benefits of the upper body (arms and abdomen) exercises: 

• Improves posture

• Accelerates metabolism

• Improves breathing

• Organ protection, due to the strengthening of abdominal muscle. 

The Curves training programme guides you through a series of movements to work specific areas of your body, combining the benefits of cardio and strength training. With Curves strength training, you'll stimulate your muscles, increase your strength, boost your immune system, and gain more confidence in yourself. 

Lower Body Exercise: Legs

Often people forget about exercising specific areas, such as the legs, because hey you are walking, so they are ok, right? Wrong. Lower body training is an essential part of your fitness training. This is mostly because without strengthening your leg muscles over time, it becomes hard to progress in other areas of your body. You also may increase the risk of knee or ankle injuries due to the lack of strength. 

Benefits of upper body training: 

• Increase leg power and speed

• Strengthen and protect joints

• Improve overall performance

• Improve balance

With Curves 30-minute training programme, you'll work on your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings (the muscles responsible for walking, running and getting up from a sitting position). With the Curves machines, you can achieve the perfect squat, every time. 

Carrying out a strength training routine brings numerous physical but also mental health benefits. Keeping active can help increase happiness, self-esteem and energy levels! What are you waiting for, take a step towards a better health today! 

If you want to discover all the benefits of strength training through the Curves program, book a free appointment now or contact your nearest Curves Club.


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