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What You Can Achieve In Just 30 Minutes

When looking for a training plan, most women will state that the two most important thing for them is that the exercises are efficient and easily combine with daily tasks. It can be difficult to manage some training plans into your everyday routine, especially if they are more intense. 

In addition to this, many women are in agreement that it is extremely important to be in an environment where motivation is encouraged, free from prejudices and that offer food advice to lose weight as needed.
In Curves fitness centers we offer a 30-minute workout programme thinking of those women who want to lead a healthier lifestyle, combining work and family life.

It fits perfectly in your day to day life

One of the main attractions of our training plan is the possibility of combining it perfectly in your daily routine thanks to its short duration. It is a complete workout of the whole body where strength, cardio and stretching exercises are used. In just 30 minutes, you get a full body workout feeling the benefits from the first moment.

It's only 30 minutes, but it works

Many people will tell you that it is not worth approaching the gym to only go to a 30-minute workout, but in Curves we have shown that in 30 minutes we can exercise the whole body and lead a much healthier life.

It has been shown that 30 minutes of optimal training helps build strength, eliminate toxins with sweat and numerous benefits for the heart are produced by raising the heart rate. This is why our members benefit day after day from our training plan leading a much healthier life.

Within our work plan you have the 5 components necessary to perform a complete training: warm-up, strength training, cardiovascular training, cooling and stretching, in just 30 minutes.

Curves classes, the best complement to your workout

Curves regularly organise special classes and internal challenges that serve as a perfect complement to the training circuit, which makes exercise a much more fun activity!

The support and advice you need is guaranteed

Our training plan is directed and supervised by Curves coaches who advise you on all aspects of training, as well as develop food tips to lead a much healthier life.

According to the needs of your body and the goals you intend to achieve, our coaches help and guide you through the personalised training plan to adjust it to your needs and achieve results with which you feel fully satisfied.

The goal of your Curves coach is to help you achieve your purposes and lead a better and healthier lifestyle. The goal is to help you become a stronger person of yourself, both physically and mentally.

Curves will improve your quality of life

In short, our workout programme offers everything you are looking for to improve your quality of life taking care of your body. You will notice the difference only with 30 minutes that you dedicate to our training. Do not think more and get in touch to receive all the information without obligation.

Take every opportunity to become the best version of yourself with Curves! If you want to learn more why not contact your local Curves club or book a free consultation today!  

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