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Get a Healthy Balance This Festive Period

The team at Curves believe that we should always be living a balanced lifestyle, whether that be having a social and working lifestyle, being active and having some down time and of course eating and exercising. In order to achieve this you must be careful and plan in such a way that will allow you to stay on track to losing weight. For example, during the festive period you may find that you are out socialising more with friends and drinking more alcohol and therefore it's important to balance this out with more exercises and choosing healthy alternative alcoholic beverages. 

Living a truly healthy lifestyle means making sure you are covering all areas of your life and making improvements that will benefit your overall wellbeing; focusing on your body, mind and diet.

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is key to weight loss and maintaining a positive mindset which is why we recommend that our Curvettes ensure that they get as much exercise in as possible over the festive period. This time of year can be considerably stressful and therefore you must find the time to focus on you and your goals in a fun and healthy way. Additionally, exercise is a great way for the body to produce endorphins which are chemicals released by the body to reduce stress levels and boost our moods. 

We know it can be difficult to make the time for the gym as you will have other commitments, however it is crucial to still plan for exercise, especially if you are enjoying more meals out with your friends and family. Exercise is a fantastic way to burn off the extra calories you may be consuming to ensure that you stay on track and achieve all your goals set. Our circuit classes last 30 minutes and are designed to work the entire body, giving you the opportunity to burn off any unwanted fat in a short space of time. Aim to make as many Curves classes during December and January so that you can reach your goals, be as strong as possible for 2020 and of course, release those endorphins that will put you in a much more positive mindset. 

The Importance of Eating 

Exercise is fundamental to results, however it’s nearly impossible for us to burn off what we eat as we all have other commitments than the gym, which is why you must eat a healthy and balanced diet. If you do find you are having too many sugary and fatty treats over the holidays, consider this:

  • 2 slices of takeaway pizza will take 45 minutes of a Curves circuit class to burn off
  • 28 tortilla crisps will take 45 minutes of a Curves circuit class to burn off
  • 1 can of coke will take 9 minutes of a Curves circuit class to burn off
  • 4 double stuffed Oreos will take 16 minutes of a Curves circuit class to burn off

Thus, you must carefully think about how you are living your life. If you are perhaps eating a little more, then you will need to exercise more and likewise, if you are too busy to attend all your classes over the festive period then you must restrict yourself to healthy foods. 

All About Balance

You need to enjoy yourself and still have a life, make healthier choices when possible; have a delicious and fresh side salad instead of french fries at your works Christmas meal, or soda water with your Christmas party spirit instead of fizzy juice. 

If you do over indulge slightly over the festive period, do not beat yourself up about it! Just make sure to plan for an extra few workout sessions for the following weeks. You can also find ways of burning off the extra calories in your everyday life, why not walk to and from your next Curves workout? 

Healthy eating is key to weight loss, however regular exercise will push you and make your goals achievable in a shorter period of time. If you need any further advice, book a free consultation with one of our specialists and contact your local Curves gym

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