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Top 10 Reasons People Quit the Gym (and the Curves Difference)

At the start of any new year, women and men, filled with resolve, join fitness clubs with the best of intentions – to get fitter, stronger, and healthier. But surveys show that come spring more than half of new gym-goers will let their membership lapse—and with it the good health that comes with regular physical activity. Here are 10 reasons people quit the gym and how Curves solves every one of them;


1. Not Enough Time

It’s one of the top reasons people give for not working out, with all that you have to do in your busy life, it’s easy to skip a workout in favour of something else on your to-do list. Before you know it, you’re not going to the gym at all.

The Curves Solution: In only 30 minutes at Curves you get a complete workout, cardio and strength training that works every major muscle group. This includes a post-circuit stretching routine that hones your flexibility.


2. Not Fun

What motivation is there to stick with something you don’t enjoy doing or that’s become boring?

The Curves Solution: We always have lively music and a fun workout with friends that can’t be beat. Plus, you can mix it up with Curves classes, such as cardio, boxing, balance, or body basics.


3. Too complicated

Walk into most gyms, and you find a vast array of equipment—dumbbells, barbells, exercise balls, kettle bells, treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, rowing machines, and more. Where do you begin? And how do you progress?

The Curves Solution: Curves offers a simple circuit that your Curves Coach will teach you when you join. The hydraulic strength machines don’t require you to make adjustments before you use them; simply hop on the circuit at any point and go.


4. No immediate results

When you don’t see the number on your scale dropping or clothing fitting better it’s easy to feel discouraged.

The Curves Solution: We understand that you want to see immediate results but we also know it’s important to lose weight at a healthy rate and celebrate the small wins along the way. With over 25 years of helping our members achieve success, we know how to help you get the results you want and our coaches can keep you motivated to reach your goals and feel your best. As an added bonus, small changes like increased energy, decreased stress, and physical changes like more sound sleep and fresher skin are all areas you may see improvements as a result of strength training at Curves.


5. Injury

Whether you’re fearful of getting injured in a gym or healing from a previous incident, nothing halts a fitness plan faster than injury.

The Curves Solution: Your Curves Coach will show you proper form for every move and tailor your workout to your individual ability and goals, and a coach is always present in the club, keeping an eye out for proper technique. Plus, the Curves Circuit uses hydraulic strength equipment that moves smoothly, and you determine the intensity.


6. Gym-phobia

Gym-phobia might not be a real word, but it is a real fear. Working out in a gym can feel uncomfortable. Perhaps you are embarrassed by how you look, or you worry that people are watching you and judging your performance. The intimidation can keep you from getting healthier.

The Curves Solution: One of the top reasons women choose Curves is because they feel welcome. Curves is a community of women of all ages and fitness levels—women, like you, simply focused on getting stronger, fitter, healthier in a great environment.


7. Lack of accountability

Sometimes your own willpower isn’t enough to get you to the gym regularly, and the less frequently you work out, the more likely it is that you will quit altogether.

The Curves Solution: Borrow some willpower from your Curves Coach and the Curves’ community who are there every step of the way. At one-on-one monthly coaching sessions your Curves Coach will track progress towards your goals. Knowing your Curves Coach is reviewing your results can be a strong motivator to work each day. And if it’s accountability during your workout that you need, the answer is CurvesSmart™*. Our innovative technology gives you moment-to-moment feedback to guide you to work out to your fullest potential.


8. Burnout

Enthusiasm is a good thing but too much of a good thing turns bad. Exercising too hard and too often runs you down physically and mentally and can lead to injury.

The Curves Solution: Your Curves Coach will help you ease into a workout routine that’s right for your level of fitness and point out the importance of including rest or easy days into your fitness schedule to allow your body time to rebuild after workouts. As you get stronger, she’ll guide you to increase your intensity.


9. Too hard or too easy

If your workout is too easy, you’ll feel like you’re not getting anything for your effort; too hard, and you’ll become discouraged—possibly injured—and quit.

The Curves Solution: Curves works for anyone at any fitness level. Because of Curves’ exclusive resistance technology, the intensity adapts to your ability. Whether you’re just starting to work out, or you’re a competitive athlete, Curves will not only accommodate where you’re starting—it will also adjust as you get stronger.


10. Cost

A review of the household budget can encourage cost-cutters to drop their gym memberships.

The Curves Solution: The value of a Curves membership simply can’t be matched. You get a 30-minute total body workout, a trained coach supervising every workout, one-on-one monthly coaching sessions, specialty fitness classes, safe and effective machines designed especially for women, a supportive community of women to workout with CurvesSmart™ technology that provides moment-to-moment feedback, travel passes so that you can work out at clubs across the country and around the world, and all for a reasonable membership fee. Yes, you may find a less expensive gym to join but you’ll pay for it in a loss of benefits and services—the things that keep you going to a gym and getting the result you’re after—good health. And good health is priceless.


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