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European Week Of Sport 2019

One week could transform your life.

Every year, the 23rd to the 30th September is designated the European Week of Sport. It’s the week where millions of people join together to take part in one of the biggest initiatives in world sport – and at Curves, you can join them! The European Week of Sport has helped tackle the inactivity crisis by encouraging Europeans to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle and was created in response to the worsening inactivity crisis.

The European Week of Sport is the ideal time to discover a new you with sport taking centre stage. At Curves we want to be part of this initiative as it is totally in keeping with our philosophy where the development of physical activity is key to good mental and physical health and a healthy lifestyle. At Curves we also believe that sport is an excellent means of bonding, as evidenced by our ever-growing community of women offering continuous support.


What is the European Week of Sport?

The European Week of Sport is taking place at European Union, national, regional and local levels, all of which include activities that aim to bring physical activity, sport and positive attitudes towards health to the whole of society, regardless of age, gender or physical condition, all under the hashtag #BeActive.

This event has continued to grow year after year, from five million participants and 7,000 events in 2015, the 2018 edition drew in a staggering 12 million participants across 48,500 events.
Let’s help them break that record this year! The great thing is that it suits every level of fitness – regardless of age or background – because the most important thing is taking part and collaborating using sport as a level playing field.


Take five minutes and take a new challenge.

Accomplishing something in just 5 minutes isn’t easy. But with the #5minChallenge, you can! The #5minChallenge encourages Europeans across the continent to unite in exercise. It’s all about movement and encouraging people to start – or continue – a new habit. And it’s designed to get you moving for at least 5 minutes and then share on social media to inspire people to join in. All you need to do is post a video of your physical activity – it could be a Curves routine, you enjoying playing sports or even walking to work instead of taking the bus. There are prizes to be won so simply add the hashtags #5minChallenge and #BeActive on Twitter and Instagram, and remember to tag @european_youth_eu to enter. You can find out more here.


Why is the European Week of Sport important?

The European Week of Sport initiative is in response to the latest statistical data which shows that sporting activity is currently stagnating in some developed societies across the globe. 

Last year, the World Health Organization conducted its first study analysing worldwide trends in physical activity. The study revealed that a high percentage of first world citizens are at risk of falling ill due to their sedentary lifestyle.

Specifically, according to the study, just over a quarter of the global population (27.5%), which is equivalent to 1.4 billion people, is at risk from insufficient physical activity, a percentage that has barely changed so far this century since, in 2001, the percentage of the population that was inactive was 28.5%, just one percentage more. That is why governments really need to promote physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, through events such as the European Week of Sport.


Women are less active than men.

What is most striking from the great deal of data compiled by the WHO global study on physical activity is the huge gender gap. While 23.4% of men are inactive, inactive women account for 31.7%, more than 8 percent more. The study identifies various reasons for this gender gap in sport, such as cultural norms, traditional roles and lack of community support.

At Curves our goal is to close this gender gap in physical activity, creating a totally female community where women can successfully develop their sporting lifestyle, in an environment that offers continuous support.

Go beyond 7 days.

Our tailored fitness programmes help support women all over the world to improve their well-being, so of course, our goal is to help women lead healthier lives – and not just for a week! We want to celebrate the European Week of Sport with you but also want it to be the start of something much, much greater too. After all, when you have exercise as an ally, you can learn to stay healthy and feel great for life. So try and get your friends along and head down to your local Curves gym for the #5minChallenge. It could be the start of something truly amazing.


Ready to get involved with the European Week of Sport? You can book your free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves club today!

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