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Good Intentions For The New Year: How To Choose The Right Fitness Goals

As the end of the year is fast approaching we begin to start budgeting and planning for 2020… but are you ready to start evaluating your goals and objectives correctly for the new year? 
In order to aim for even greater amounts of success it is fundamental that you recognise everything that you have achieved so far! Most of us will reach the end of the year and not even bother to think about all our achievements, often for the fear of ‘failure’. But have you ever thought that being aware of our results can bring added value to our future goals? Taking a step back and recognising what we did correctly, and what we can do better next time, allows us to plan better and have a better attitude towards our future aims. 

Here are three tips to help you welcome the new year with the right mental approach and identify the right goals for you!


Celebrate your goals, even the little ones

"Every great achievement is made of small steps."

Resume your old list of goals, but without limiting yourself to ticking off those you managed to reach … also think back to all the good things that happened during your journey and that you didn't expect!
For example the difficulties you have been able to cope with, the small successes, the positive attitude with which you have gone ahead, the determination or the first time that you felt really strong.

Knowing how to recognise the achievements achieved during the year will help you feel more confident about yourself and believe in your abilities, which have made you what you have become today! We women are often better at focusing on our shortcomings or guilty feelings for what did not go as we wanted, not realising the small steps and all the effort we put in every day.

If you're wondering why it's so important, here are some reasons:

  • Reflecting on our victories makes us aware of what we are worth and is a great source of happiness.
  • Focusing on what went well improves our perception of the past, even if we have experienced challenges or failures.
  • Being aware of our past successes gives us the motivation to move forward with the right determination, creating a virtuous circle of positive thoughts that leads to successes and results.

Think back to how many times you pushed yourself and attended a workout despite perhaps wanting to stay in and watch TV on the sofa: every achievement needs recognised! 


Learn from this year 

"The obstacles are those scary things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

Now look at the list and mark which goals you failed to reach.
All you have to do at this point is find out what has hindered you! For example, it may be a purpose not within your reach or more challenging than I thought.
It will help you to understand if this goal is still for you and, above all, if you really want it: if you feel that it is no longer for you, then you just have to let it go … but if it is still important, then enter it also in the list next year and next write what you think you can do to change what prevented you from reaching it.


Analyse the results to establish new goals

"Successful people are ordinary people with successful habits."

Now that you've stopped to recognise the value of your commitment, you're ready to set your new goals!

Have you bet too high or too low? Having realistic goals helps not to be discouraged, in the case of failure to achieve them, and to engage seriously, in case they are too easy.
Such as? Set your new fitness goals according to your abilities and physical possibilities, the rest will come by itself!

Our advice is to put everything down in black and white, write these goals down in your personal diary, pop them in your PC calendar or wherever you will have access to view them at any given time! The secret to achieving these goals? Write down EXACTLY what you wish to achieve and give yourself a definite timeline to reach your aims as to not give up ahead of time. 

Keep your commitment to the goals you have set "alive"! Write it down in the list every time you make something you are proud of: remembering your successes improves our mood and spurs us not to give up!

Now delete the old list. The time has come to start a new path!
Now that you've managed to recognise your value, you're ready to set new Curvette targets!

And remember: the Curves coaches are always ready to help you find the fitness goals best suited to you!

If you are not yet part of our family, book a free consultation now or contact your nearest Curves Club.

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Good Intentions For The New Year: How To Choose The Right Fitness Goals