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Incredible £2,500 Reduction On Curves Franchise Purchases

Incredible £2,500 Reduction on Curves Franchise Purchases

In an ever-changing, dynamic and immensely competitive fitness industry, it can prove difficult for brands and business ventures to last a successful length of time.

From humble beginnings, Curves International Inc. have managed to become, and remain one of the largest fitness clubs for women all over the world who are aiming to improve their health and become more comfortable in their own skin. With more than 4,000 locations, across over 70 different countries, we are extremely proud to be celebrating our accomplishments on our 25th birthday!

In 1992, Curves helped millions of women enhance their energy, strength and overall well-being with the introduction of the 30-minute strength training circuit. To celebrate this massive milestone, in the United Kingdom we will be advertising the one-off special offer that, for a limited time you can get a massive £2500 discount from our franchise fee. The perfect opportunity to fulfil your financial goals, whilst also strengthening women.

This exceptional limited time offer is only available until the 31st of March, so if you are attracted to a career of transforming the lives of women, there has never been a better time to start you own Curves franchise. Think of this as a way of us celebrating our 25th birthday with you! Curves is so much more than just a fitness club, it’s a mission to have a positive impact by empowering women of all ages with our incredible and proven 30-minute whole body workout with one-on-one personal training, which has helped 10 million worldwide gain confidence and self-esteem by losing weight. During 2017, Curves sold 23 franchises, whilst opening across 15 unique locations – all averaging 300 members in their opening week. To build upon this achievement. We are already on track to continue this progress into 2018.

For more information on everything what owning a Curves franchise can do for you, visit our Franchise page or alternatively, contact a member of our dedicated team by emailing mailto:[email protected]

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