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The Wait is Over! Curves Clubs are Reopening Across the UK

2021 started very differently this year. Instead of New Year Resolutions to go back to the gym, we had – or rather did the pandemic have – other plans. The truth is many things have changed since 2021 started five months ago, but your Curves club is not one of them.

The wait is over!

All Curves clubs follow local and government protocols to make sure your return is as enjoyable as ever. We have cleaned and sanitized all stations, socially distanced our machines and created wider circuits – when possible – to ensure everyone can do their strength training routine with as little disruption as possible.

Please do check with your club before you go back to make sure you have booked your place and know how to follow any guidelines in place.

Strength Training for Women

The curves training circuit works because it is designed for women; it includes a healthy dose of cardio and strength training all in one. This means you get the best of both worlds. Cardio's immediate calorie-burning benefits combined with strength training slow burn and muscle mass increase.

The Curves circuit works with different body areas at intervals, focusing on the lower, upper, and central muscle groups, avoiding the accumulated tiredness with cardio-only exercises. That's why, once you finish your 30-minute Curves workout, you won't feel tired.

You'll also notice an overall improvement in your health and strength. You will see and feel how strength training can transform your body physically and with a boost of energy every day.

What Makes Curves Different?

At Curves, our passion for service transcends all platforms. You can now do your Curves workout anytime, anywhere. In-club, at-home or via the brand-new app, you can always be in touch with your coach and work on your fitness development and wellbeing.

Our clubs are designed to give you a fully immersive wellbeing experience in which you are never alone. Our coaches are in the circuit with you, guiding you, motivating your and giving you all the support, you need at no extra cost! When you join an at-home workout, we replicate this by having a safety coach and an instructor in every single session. You can join challenges on our brand-new app and keep scores by adding your workouts manually or using fitness wearables. So, keep on top of the game and challenge your friends to see who can do the most activities.

You will start seeing all club locations reopen across the UK for group exercise bookings. Please note there are slightly different dates within the UK with England and Scotland reopening on May 17th, and Wales and Northern Ireland on May 24th.  Please make sure you contact your club to book an appointment and know the exact opening times and days that apply to you.

We can't wait to see you!

Share your BEST moments at Curves with us. Tag us on social media @CurvesUK on Instagram and Facebook, and let's GLOW together! Not part of Curves yet? Find your nearest club today and book an appointment!

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