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This Saturday, is World Down Syndrome Day

At Curves, we love being part of our club member's growth. We grow when you grow both your inner and outer strength. We understand women, and we know what helps you improve your life. 
Every woman who attends our Curves Gyms is unique in her own way, mothers, sisters, carers. We see you working hard for you and those around you every single day. Today we want to celebrate and support those women who care for and stand by Down Syndrome because each one of you is a star. 
This March 21, 2020, is World Down Syndrome day. A day that serves as an opportunity to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion. A day that reminds us about the unique beauty we all carry within.
Down syndrome is not a disease. Individuals with Down Syndrome are working members of our society that in simple words, 'have an extra chromosome', which makes them 'EXTRA' fabulous in every way. 

At Curves, we support this day thinking about equal opportunities for each individual and specifically for women with Down syndrome, using fitness as a means for the integration into society of every person with this syndrome.

When did World Down Syndrome Day Start?

In December 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated March 21 as World Down Syndrome Day to raise awareness about the condition. 
Down Syndrome day, was born to celebrate the great contributions of people with Down Syndrome as promoters of well-being, the diversity of communities and the right to enjoy equality with others.

Life with Down syndrome: myths and prejudices

There are still many myths and prejudices about people with Down's syndrome. But, overall, we should remember we are all humans in our own unique way. 

Keep in mind: 

  • Down syndrome is not a disease.
  • People with Down Syndrome are perfectly capable of leading an independent life. However, in some cases, additional support is needed to complete certain tasks. 

How can strength exercise contribute to a person with Down syndrome? (or anyone else) 

Physical exercise is beneficial to the body in general, and no less so for people with Down syndrome. It has been demonstrated that strength training exercises can have a positive impact on improving physical and mental health. As an added value, at Curves, we offer a safe and friendly environment for all women – no matter your size, background or strength level. Our club members are also coached by specialised trainers who can guide and help anyone into fitness.

A word from one of our members

We would like to share with you the testimony of one of our members, Macarena, who talks about how thanks to Curves strength training she has managed to remain motivated, strong and excited despite no longer competing in rhythmic gymnastics.

"Hi, I'm Macarena and I've been asked to tell you about my experience with Curves. I competed in both individual and team rhythmic gymnastics at a national level. When I retired 4 years ago, I was keen to maintain my healthy lifestyle from my competing days, so Curves was an obvious choice. The social element of Curves really appealed to me, I love spending time with Curves friends and instructors, who make everything easier and motivate me a lot.”

Macarena, Curves Piovera

A word from our Chief Operating Officer

At Curves, World Down's Syndrome Day is a cause very close to our own hearts which is why we want to share with you these words from our Operations Director, whose granddaughter has Down's Syndrome.

“People ask me, “Did you know?”
Meaning: Did I know when my daughter was pregnant, that her baby would have Down Syndrome?
The answer is – Yes.
But, that is all I knew. 
I didn’t know that Adaline would have the most beautiful blue eyes and adorable rosebud lips. Or that she would be the sweetest, smartest, sensitive, most endearing of us all.
I didn’t know that she would be stronger than I am and that she would teach me countless lessons whilst filling all our lives with indescribable joy.
I simply didn’t realise the blessing this would turn out to be.”

Joanna Dase, Curves COO

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