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We have Grown Stronger Together

At Curves, we put our members at the very core of what we do. Our coaches and clubs across the world are dedicated to women and women's wellbeing. We achieve this with a passion for service that drives us to continuously better ourselves.

2020 came in abruptly to show us all the importance of health and wellbeing as fundamental pillars of our society. With that in mind Curves Europe embarked in a mission to reinforce our organisational culture and increase levels of engagement with franchisees, coaches and managers.

Over 450 franchisees, managers and coaches are participating from clubs all around Europe; the level of engagement has exceeded all expectations, and we are delighted to see the results.

Over a period of six weeks, participants were mentored and guided toward achieving their wellness goals while also receiving club operational training. Twenty-eight multicultural teams were formed to work together in a series of LIVE training webinars, recorded training sessions and weekly team challenges. All of the challenges and training lessons were specially designed by Curves to maximise and replicate the Curves culture members experience at the clubs.

Teams were then rewarded prizes for their involvement and passion. It has been a fantastic opportunity for clubs to reconnect, re-engage and share best practices and experiences with each other. If there is something this year has taught us all is that we are stronger together, and our Curves community is a true reflection of that sentiment.

We are immensely proud of all our franchisee, clubs, coaches, managers and members across Europe. We can't wait to see what the new year brings onto our doorstep. We are confident whichever the challenge, we are ready.

Curves, stronger together.

If you want to join all the fun and start your journey towards your fitness goals, join a Curves club near you today! 



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