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World Cancer Day 2020 – The Benefits of Exercise

World Cancer Day is celebrated worldwide on 4 February, with the aim of raising awareness of the causes and trying to prevent the onset of the disease. At Curves, we support the fight against cancer and promote this awareness campaign by focusing on physical activity, which has always played an important role in both prevention and rehabilitation. Read our article to find out more!


The preventative properties of exercise

Physical activity works on the metabolism by accelerating it and there are many scientific studies on the link between physical activity and sustained good health. Some epidemiological studies have found that, for some types of cancer, there is a strong link between development and lack of exercise. Especially in the following types:

  • Colon cancer: Some studies estimate that active people have a 30-40% lower risk of developing this type of cancer than sedentary people. The maximum benefits are obtained even with only 30 minutes of intense physical activity per day. Moving reduces body mass (obesity is one of the key triggers of colon cancer), but also reducing the time of contact between waste substances and the intestinal wall, reducing toxic and inflammatory effects.
  • Breast cancer: A half hour of intense daily activity seems sufficient to activate protective mechanisms including weight reduction, circulating hormones (in women before menopause) and similar insulin growth factor (IGF-1), thus also improving the activity of the immune system.
  • Endometrial cancer: Studies show a reduction of this cancer by 20-40%. The benefits are present in all ages and the main protective mechanisms depend on weight reduction and the consequent decrease in circulating female hormones. 
  • Lung cancer: Regular exercise seems to reduce the risk of getting sick by about 20%. 


Rehabilitation and sporting activity

Exercise is not only important in preventing cancer, in fact, but it can also help with certain symptoms too. A study by the University of Copenhagen has shown that physical activity can lead to a reduction in tumor mass, thanks to the stimulation of the immune system. 
Of course, the variables depend on the physical abilities of each individual during and after treatment, which is why medical advice is always necessary. 

In addition, numerous studies have shown that regular exercise is an effective means of counteracting some of the side effects of treatment, as well as reducing the risk of recurrence. This confirms the fundamental role of physical activity not only as a preventive measure but also as an integral part of therapy. 

This is why we at Curves have always stood by women's side, promoting regular physical activity to make it a daily necessity and habit from practice.
Joining a Curves Club means receiving daily support and advice on how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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