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Vacation Nutrition Tips to Keep You on Track

Oh, summer! That dreadful moment when we have to try our swimming gear on. There is no reason to fear! You are beautiful inside and out, don't let anyone make you feel like you don't have a summer body. A healthy lifestyle comes in many shapes and shades, and the only 'rule' is to stay active and eat healthily. Remember, exercise helps us stay fit but also aids overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Struggling to stay on track with your healthy eating during the summer? Yes, we understand that whether you stay at home or go abroad the summer can bring many temptations.

So here are a few tips for an easy and healthy summer diet.

Seasonal Meals

Stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables. Not only they are blooming with flavour and easy to find, but they offer you the right nutritional balance. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these fruit and veg help your body to keep hydrated. But that's not all; fruits and vegetables can also help you achieve that perfect natural tan. They are rich in vitamin A, which promotes the production of melanin. Melanin protects you against sunburn and gives you that summer glow.

Get started with watermelon, cucumber, melons, tomatoes and cherries, to name a few.

Foods to Avoid in the Summer

With the increased summer temperatures, our digestion can slow down. Which is why it is best to stick to lighter meals. Decrease the intake of fats, meats and fried meats, and avoid overly elaborated toppings and spicy foods. When possible, opt for fish, not only it is easier to digest, but it also has a lower caloric intake.

The Importance Hydration

In the summer, our bodies tend to eliminate more fluids, simply because we sweat more, especially while we do any physical activity. Which is why it is so important to keep hydrated. Drink as much water as you can, this might also help you diminish cravings and reduce snacking.

Remember to keep hydrated while exercising. A healthy balanced diet and the right amount of water are crucial in keeping fit and healthy. And remember our coaches are ready to guide you and help you achieve your goals this summer! Find the nearest Curves club today and get started!

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